M² develops and provides training and research to advance the field of experiential Jewish education and invest in the growth of its educators.



M² represents Machshava and Ma’aseh – Intention and Action – two values whose interplay is at the core of Jewish life. At M² we believe that these values are the foundations of experiential Jewish education.

M² is also Melechet Machshevet – Deliberate Craft – an idea that guided the building of the Mishkan – the Tabernacle – Judaism’s greatest act and expression of experiential Jewish education.


Our Vision 

At M² we believe that captivating experiences infused with Jewish values serve as evolving foundations for Jewish growth, and that the creation of such experiences requires intentional, knowledgeable and trained educators.


What we do

M²: The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education is dedicated to advancing the field of experiential Jewish education through a broad range of training and consulting services in North America and Israel. 


How we do it 

By drawing from Jewish wisdom and academic research, modeling innovative methodologies and practical applications, and cultivating collaborative learning experiences, M² provides educators and organizations with knowledge, tools, skills and traits to advance the theory and practice of experiential Jewish education, ultimately strengthening its reach and impact. 



M² is a partner institute at the  iCenter – the world’s premier organization for Israel education.



The M² Senior Educators Cohort (SEC) is a selective international training program for experiential Jewish educators.


Open to educators with at least five years of experience, SEC enables participants to articulate, refine and sharpen their practice by exposing them to theories and methods that serve as the foundations of experiential Jewish education.

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The M² Senior Educators Cohort is generously supported by the Maimonides Fund.

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“I think this program is absolutely incredible. I'm gushing with joy and feelings of fulfillment and "flow" since first seminar. Thank you for everything! I'm ecstatic for what I'm gaining for this year, and my current project, but much more broadly - for who I am as an Experiential Jewish Educator, as my lifelong career.”


Convening 1: The Foundations of Experiential Jewish Education

This convening exposes participants to cutting edge frameworks and theories that motivate and ignite the field of experiential Jewish education. Focusing on narrative theory, conflict pedagogy and values education, this convening features expertise from the fields of scriptwriting, psychotherapy and theater improvisation.



Convening 2: Teaching Experientially

Through an intensive experimentation process, this convening highlights the choreographic principles that illuminate experiential Jewish education and bring experiences to life. In this convening, participants gain skills in methodologies related to sensory education and spatial design, stimulation of multiple intelligences and the typology of activities.


Convening 3: Learning from Experience

By investigating key constructs in group formation, identity development, and the process of memory formation, this convening explores the critical role that educators play in facilitating the experiential learning cycle, and its ultimate impact on the learner-centered evolvement of personal Jewish agency.




At SEC, while paired with seasoned mentors, educators are encouraged to explore how their talent, passion and values align with their educational vision and intersect with their day-to-day practice, and engage in work dedicated to their self-development.



Workplace Integration

Over the course of the program, SEC offers educators workplace integration coaching, enabling them to frame their learnings so they are context-specific and directly applicable to their day to day practice.



Cohort Experience

Utilizing and modeling innovative facilitation strategies, SEC places a strong emphasis on the cohort experience, encouraging participants to collaborate with one another and cultivate peer driven communities.



SEC Community

M² nurtures a robust community of graduates, offering them ongoing support and career guidance. Additionally, graduates are often invited to contribute to additional M² ventures – as thought partners, faculty and facilitators.


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SEC educators, practitioners and staff come from a range of cross disciplinary fields such as scriptwriting, psychotherapy and design. In addition, SEC offers a transformative mentoring experience, featuring highly seasoned mentors, each of whom comes with decades of experience.


SEC staff and faculty include:

Havvah Deevon, Clare Goldwater, Rae Janvey, Kiva Rabinsky, Assael Romanelli, Judith Schiller, Gaby Schoenfeld, Rabbi Bradley Solmsen, Dr. Bernie Steinberg, Shuki Taylor, Ilan Vitemberg, Rhoda Weisman, Dr. Laura Yares. 

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June 4-8, 2017


The Foundations of Experiential Jewish Education 


November 5-9, 2017


Teaching Experientially


March 4-8, 2018


Learning from Experience


My expectations were to explore the field of experiential Jewish education and learn new methodologies that I can directly apply to my work. My professional expectations were met, but my experience was much greater than that. As an educator, I felt validated knowing that my own educational methods and signature pedagogies are relevant and based on more than I knew. As well, I left knowing that I have a new network of like-minded peers that I can learn from and with.”


“Everything introduced and taught is applicable in some way to my work. That was one of the best parts of the program. Every time you introduced something, I was able to immediately think of how to use these ideas [in my work].”


My expectations were for me to be able to learn alongside professionals in similar fields to me about how experiential education can enhance the way we work with our clientele. My expectations were met and exceeded. The attention to detail and experiential learning was evident in the running of seminar as much as it was in the information being disseminated.”


M² operates one Senior Educators Cohort each year.

Application is by invitation only.

For an application invitation request, fill out the following form.

We review and respond to application on a rolling basis. To have your application considered

In order to have your application considered please submit it by Thursday, February 23rd at 1pm eastern time. 



  • Five years of relevant field experience. Eight years of experience is preferred.If you have less than five years of experience and believe you should be considered for the program, please provide your reasoning in your application invitation request.
  • Full-time employment as an experiential Jewish educator during the program period.
  • Undergraduate degree.


When invited to apply, applicants will be asked to submit an application form, references and an updated resume. 

M² SEC Application Invitation Request

Years of relevant field experience


The cost of SEC is $4,200 + $300 registration fee


Cost covers domestic airfare, accommodation, programming, and food.

Cost does not cover travel to/from airport or baggage fees.


M² is pleased to offer an Employer Matching Program:

Every $1,000 paid by an employer reduces the cost of the program by $400.

Ideally, an employer will pay $3,000, and the cost will be reduced by $1,200.

The applicant or employer will pay the $300 registration fee.


Financial aid is available. To inquire, please contact gaby@ieje.org



To learn more please contact gaby@ieje.org


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